Saturday, 7 May 2016

4 Keys to Responsible Fatherhood

Although most any man can become a parent by fathering a child, not all embrace the responsibility that fatherhood entails. Responsible fatherhood is much more than providing financial support to a family. A "real" dad gives his children the physical, emotional and spiritual support they need to grow into caring, responsible adults. What qualities make a man a caring and responsible dad to his children?

A responsible father is a constant presence in his children's lives. His kids know they can depend on him when they need him most. In today's complex society where divorce and out of wedlock childbirths make single parent households the norm, it's not uncommon for children to grow up without a father figure. A responsible father, however, will make an effort to be a part of his child's life, regardless of the circumstances. Good fathers don't abandon their children; they're there to provide a stabilizing force in their kids' lives. Children need to know they can trust in their father's constancy and care. 

A good dad is not afraid to give his kids love and affection to show he cares. Just as physical affection helps strengthen a marriage, fatherly hugs and kisses can fortify the bond between a father and his children to help them feel loved and secure. The words "I love you" should flow freely from a dad's lips to affirm his love, support and dedication to his kids. 

Responsible dads are protective of their children while still giving them the freedom they need to learn and grow. Protectiveness is part of responsible fatherhood. This often entails making and enforcing family rules designed to keep their kids from harm. At the same time, fathers need to give their children freedom to make age appropriate decisions on their own, so they can learn from their mistakes. By setting boundaries and enforcing a disciplinary standard, fathers instill in their children responsibility and character. Giving them leeway to make age appropriate decisions engenders trust and confidence in their kids' ability to put into practice the values they've been taught. Please visit this webpage for more details.

Love and encouragement can help children overcome the challenges and difficulties they're sure to face in life. A father's encouragement can go a long ways towards helping his children grow into mature, well-adjusted adults. In the path of life, children and teens are sure to experience setbacks and disappointments that could cause them to give up on pursuing their dreams. A father's faith and encouragement could be just what his kids need to get them back on their feet. A good dad will not give up on his kids when they perform poorly or fall short of his expectations. He will continue to encourage and inspire his children to do their best, providing the moral support they need.

Responsible fatherhood should be the standard and goal of all fathers. Fathers who provide a protective, loving and stable family environment for their children increase their chances of enjoying a happier, more productive life as an adult.  

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